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Welcome to Family Martial Arts Academy, Miami- Excellence in Martial Arts Since 1996: Specializing in Goju Ryu Karate, the original mixed martial arts.- Development Focus: We emphasize building self-confidence, physical fitness, and effective self-defense skills.

Our Training Approach- Comprehensive Skill Set: Training in striking, throwing, grappling, and weaponry.- Supportive Environment: Open and friendly classes promoting mental and physical growth.

Cultural Richness of Karate- A Legacy of Tradition: Teaching the ethical and passive discipline of Karate, rooted in honor, discipline, and respect.- Parental Involvement Encouraged: Opportunities for parents to observe and participate.

Our Philosophy- Family-Centric Values: Founded on traditional family principles and teaching 3rd Generation Goju-Ryu Karate.- Holistic Development: Focus on enhancing self-esteem, discipline, confidence, respect, and sportsmanship.

Our Expertise- Experienced Instructors: Over 65 years of combined experience in martial arts, weaponry, and self-defense.- Affiliation: Members of the American Intercollegiate Karate Association.

Training and Achievements- Competitive Edge: Preparation for national and local competitions, training champions, and nationally ranked athletes.- Dedication to Sportsmanship: Ensuring all classes foster sportsmanship and dedication.

Personalized Attention- Supervised Classes: Every class is fully supervised by qualified Senseis for close personal attention to every student.

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James Spicer

Great instructors. They all work very well with the young ones. All the sensei's are wonderful and know their sport. Whether you are a beginner or a black belt I really think these guys can take you to the next level!

Julia Fernandez

We have been going to this school for more than 5 years. My son started at 5 years old and from the beginning we loved the family environment. Senseis are very knowledgeable and teach important values. The competition team is always one of the best in all tournaments. Highly recommended for kids all ages.

Richard Mendez

I am a student and I really enjoy the classes and the atmosphere

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9835 SW 72 St #213 Miami, FL 33173

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